Saturday, 28 September 2013

Worming Treatment

Worming your cat

If your cat has ever had flea or hunts. They will become infected with tapeworms. Regular worming is a very important step for the health of your cat and your family.  

I use the two products below. 

Drontal worming tablets for Cats and Dogs are still the only wormer to protect against every type of intestinal worm normally found in cats in the U.K. Drontal for Cat tablets dose up to 4Kg bodyweight so if you have a larger cat use Drontal for Cats XL. Treat every four months. Buying online (I find vetuk very good) is usually a lot cheaper than buying from your vets. The alternative products that you can buy from the supermarket are not usually of sufficient strength.

How to give a tablet;
Most people find it hard to give a cat a pill.  Making sure that the cat has swallowed the pill is the important thing. I find after administering the pill, if you cover the cat’s nose with your hand and rub their throat until they swallow.
I have put a couple of links to some good tutorials.

If you want a pill popper:

Drontal spot  is very easy to use but is for tapeworms only. Treat every three to four months.

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