Saturday, 7 September 2013

Settling in Your New Kitten

So you have chosen your kitten!
You’ve got all the things you need to look after kitty!
You’ve got the safe room ready! (Remember to keep doors and windows closed in this room).
Now it’s time to collect that new member of the family!!!!
Bring your kitten home in your cat carrier. Cats often find car journeys traumatic so don’t risk trying to hold your kitten during the journey. Line the carrier with plenty of newspaper in case of a toilet accident (unusual). Put a blanket in the carrier too; this can be used in the cat’s bed later on. I like to use the carrier as a bed in the first few days. See previous blog. A new bed can be introduced later and the familiar blanket should seduce kitty to use it.
When the kitten arrives in its new home, it is likely to feel unsettled and anxious, and may cry for its mother and brothers and sisters. It should be put in its bed or basket, which is placed in a warm, draught free, quiet corner. A furry toy or a well-covered, warm hot-water bottle will help to reassure the kitten and make it feel more a home. The litter tray needs to be positioned in a suitable secluded place a short distance away from the bed, and it is best keep the kitten confined to one room at first. (Remember to keep doors and windows closed in this room).The food and water bowl should be placed as far away from the litter tray as particle. Cats don’t like to mix food and toilet too closely. Offer some water. After about an hour offer a small quantity of familiar food. Your kitten may not feel relaxed enough to eat straight away but hunger will soon get the better of kitty. Feed kittens 'little and often', each time food is consumed place kitty on its litter tray.
Remember it isn’t safe for your kitten to go outside during the first few weeks. He may get lost, older cats may pick a fight with kitty and traffic is a real danger.
Kittens love receiving plenty of attention and being picked up, stroked and played with. Something as simple as a twist of paper tied onto a piece of string and pulled across the floor provides hours of entertainment and other objects will be prodded and investigated, A kitten needs plenty of rest, and bouts of play and activity are combined with frequent sleeping and eating.
Children will usually be very enthusiastic about the kitten and enjoy playing with and caring for their new pet. Remember that kittens are quite vulnerable to injury. Particularly getting under people's feet and being trodden on. Teach children to be careful when handling their new pet.
Enjoy your new pet, kittens are lots of fun.

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