Sunday, 8 September 2013

Cat Letters - One

Twinkie a Burmese kitten
Darling Piccalo
How are you settling in to your new home? You must have been
there for over three weeks now.  I arrived here on Saturday.
I was really nervous and missed all of my siblings. I kept making loud mewing sounds. I spent
the first afternoon wrapped around my new Mums neck like a scarf.
You should try it. The humanoids bought me a fancy radiator bed but I
 prefer my own choice in these matters. I have a bed in a prime position.
On the dining chair with a neat burgundy cushion.  Much more suitable for a
classy cat like me. 
Mew Mew Twinkie. 

Picalo a Moggie Kitten

Dearest Twinkie
I have settled in very well and things are very comfortable here.
I have got the place as I like it in this short time. I am very good at curtain climbing 
but the curtains seem to be booby trapped with water jets.  Have found a great
new game though, I bite the human’s ankles until I am pushed off but never a coward, I simply jump back on for more teeth sinking.  Eventually I got bored!
I have found a great sleeping place under the bloke’s bed, smells great!  I was inspired by your
impression of a fur collar so straddled my human’s neck for the afternoon (they are so
easily pleased aren't they)?
Purrs, Picalo.

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